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This is an alternate way to mount your Bird Butler.  This method should be used if you have a large parrot outside of the cage that might attempt to unscrew and remove the Bird Butler from the mount.  (Usually not a good thing!)  It will work on all of the 16 oz., 24 oz., and 32 oz. Bird Butlers.  It will also work for the 7 oz. and 14 oz. Bird Butlers if you have small hands that can fit the wingnut inside the standard  1.5" tube on those bottles.   This mounting technique makes the Bird Butler more stationary on the cage, so the bird cannot easily remove it.  The bird may still be able to play with the cap, but this part must remain easily removable in order to allow the bird owner easy access to refill the water.  Remember, all parts of the mount--including those coming into contact with the water--are made of 100% stainless steel!  This is one reason why, in my opinion, the Bird Butler is the very best water bottle on the market!



 #1 = bolt      #2 & #3 = flat washer      #4 & # 7 = lockwasher
               #5 & #6 = nut               #8 = wingnut

Place a flat washer (#2) onto the long bolt (#1). With the bolt facing outside of the cage, place it through the cage wire. Next, place the identical flat washer (#3) onto the bolt so that the cage wires run between the flat washers. Place a small split lockwasher (#4) and then a nut (#5) onto the bolt. Tighten the nut to secure the mount. Next, place another nut (#6) onto the bolt (#1) and then another split lockwasher (#7). Slide the bottle onto the bolt and adjust the nut (#6) so that a small amount of the bolt sticks out the back of the bottle. Pull the bottle halfway off so that the end of the bolt is inside the bottle.  Place the wingnut (#8) onto the bolt (#1)  INSIDE of the bottle and turn until it snugs up against the nut (#6) and the bolt is all the way through the bottle again. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE WINGNUT. OVERTIGHTENING THE WINGNUT MAY CRACK THE BOTTLE. The wingnut merely keeps the bottle from sliding off the bolt.  Put the cap on, and your bottle should be bird proof!  It will appear that nothing is holding it on at all, but it will be very secure. 

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