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One water bowl per cage, changed daily, is about 2 minutes a day, which is 730 minutes a year (2 x 365) or 12.17 hours a year (730 / 60)  you spend changing ONE water bowl.

That's one-and-a-half work days per water bowl per year. (Didn't know that, did you?)

One Bird Butler filled twice a week is about two minutes a week, which is 110 minutes a year (2 x 52) or 1.84 hours (110 / 60) per year filling your Bird Butler.  For every water bowl you replace with a Bird Butler, you save 10.33 hours a year (12.17 - 1.84) PER  CAGE!

If you have four cages with Bird Butlers, you just got a free 40-hour, week-long, vacation from changing water bowls !!!!!   

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