Bird Butlers - Heavy Duty Valve

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The heavy duty valve is ready to stand up to abuse by medium sized birds.

It is ideally suited for birds from quakers up to Timnehs and small Amazons.

All Bird Butlers come with a 100% stainless steel mount, have the valve installed, and are ready to hang!
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7 oz. - heavy valve

This is the best selling bottle with a heavy valve for medium size birds.  It has a 6" tube and holds 7 oz. of water. $23.95 each 

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14 oz. - heavy valve

This is the perfect for breeders.  It has a 12" tube and holds 14 oz. of water.  A good size for Quakers, pionus, Timnehs, Senegals, and other medium size pairs.


$27.95 each

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Heavy Duty Valves These valves are available to set up your own plumbed system for a large aviary using your parts or to change out valves on your existing Bird Butlers or pipe system.  The valves come pre-wrapped with tape and are ready to screw in. The heavy valve is recommended for Quakers, Senegals, Pionus, Ringnecks, small Amazons, Timneh Greys, Solomon Island Eclectus, and similar sized parrots.  Has 1/8" male pipe thread.  Price is for valve ONLY. $4.25 each

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Extra 100% stainless steel mount

7 oz and 14 oz ONLY

Put an extra mount on a travel cage, play stand, etc., and take your bottle with you.  The same Bird Butler can then be moved from cage to carrier in seconds.  Your pet does not have to be without water when traveling any more! $2.95 each

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1 1/2" nylon cleaning brush with 13" twisted wire handle.


$2.95 each

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