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These were cut and pasted from e-mails we received.  Anything added or changed is in [brackets].

E-mail and website addresses are used with the permission of the writer.


The nest box has arrived and I am EXTREMELY pleased with your workmanship!
The box is even nicer and sturdier than I had expected.  You need to brag more!!!
My birds will be very pleased with this as well!
Thank you again so very much and you have a faithful customer who will spread your word.   1/21/11

Want to let you know my  Cockatoo and African Grey enjoy their bottles. The smaller bottle I got doesn't hold enough water for my congo grey and the reason for the new order. So I will give my existing smaller bottle to my Golfin. Thanks for a great product. I haven't installed my breeder box as of today, my husband is still working on my room for my breeders, but I'm ready when he finishes my room.
The small pieces of wood was also a winner for my birds. Thanks for the advise.  1/17/11

I just wanted to let you know that the nest box you made for my Eclectus is perfect. Bonnie is quite happy.
Thank you for making it and so quickly.   12/18/10

thanks.  Got your boxes today.  Your boxs are great.  I will get back with you when i need more.

I received my order yesterday, as usual super fast! The boxes are perfect! Thank you so much for customizing the doors. This will make it much easier for me. I also want to comment on how your boxes are all just the right size. There are other sites offering boxes, but when you look at their dimensions, it seems they are not right. Either an inch or two too small, or too long, etc.  You really know what you are doing and I appreciate your offering these wonderful boxes for purchase.

Thank You!!!! 
I recommended you to my friend [Xxxxx Xxxxx] and she bought some boxes from you. I'll keep passing the word.

Just wanted to let you know I received my order today. Wow that was fast! Love the boxes. Thank you for your great boxes and service :-)

I wanted to let you know I got my nestbox yesterday in the mail. It arrived so quickly! I am very pleased with the quality and your service. Thank you very much.

The box arrived at my door on Monday the 17th of November and the birds were in the box within 2 minutes of my putting it up. They began egg-laying  Monday the 8th of December and will be at it for awhile. They seem quite happy with the box and the blocks which they continue to gnaw and play hockey with in the box. They don't care to be watched so I have to keep peeks into the box at a bare minimum but there are two eggs so far. Thanks for the advice on which style to get. 

Just wanted to let you know I received my nestbox a few weeks ago and it was spectacular. Extremely well made and I only wish you made houses for people as well. My birds will be nesting in a castle!
Thanks again and I will be sure to pass your info along to my bird breeder buddies!

I really enjoy your water feeders. Thank you for selling such an excellent product.

I just received the breeder box-it's great!  We're happy campers.
Thanks so much for your swift response.

Thank you so much! You've been a terrific help and I'm still "wowed" by the quality hide boxes we got for the price. I'll send you an update and pictures once they're mounted. I had one of my female Bushbabies inside the house the other day and one of the hideboxes was in the living room... wouldn't you know she jumped in?! I can't wait to get them all situated!

So glad to have some more on the way.  Everyone will have one now. You already know how great these things are.
I can't count how many regular bottles have been dismantled by our Ekkie.
The [Bird] butler is the only one he hasn't destroyed.  They also don't get that funny smell.

Just wanted to let you know that we received our order yesterday.  Everything is absolutely perfect and the nest boxes are even better than I envisioned! They are exactly what we needed for our primates. :) As we expand our breeding program we will definitely be ordering from you again! Thank you so much for the excellent service and product quality!

Hi,  I have received all my Bird Butlers now  Thank you. I installed 2 of them for the cockatiels and they got the hang of it right away. I could never get them to use the Lixit bottles.  Thanks again, Roberta M. 

Hello Mr. McGowen,
Thank you so much for your quick response, I am placing my order as I write this.......My Dad [is] kinda old he was shocked to hear that you responded so quickly.....
Again, Thank You.
David P.

I have to confess that even though I liked your product I thought it was a little expensive.  It seemed like a good idea for folks who had a lot of birds, but how much trouble is one bird?  But, as I looked at options (like Lixit) and the health alternatives (vet bills), I think your product is the most cost effective one on the market.  It [Bird Butler] came today and she [cockatoo] was drinking from it before I could get the tube completely over the supporting bolt.    Kit - owner -

THANKS for such great service.  I have received my shipment and they are installed.  I already had three from my purchase when you were in Ft Worth at the Bird Mart.  They are such a help in keeping water available for my babies.  Will need a few more in another month or so.  Thanks again,  Jeanne in Abilene, Texas

Hi Robert,
WOW, that order was so Quick, I could hardly believe it when the apartment nest box already arrived!  ---  I also need another nest box, a small boot box just like those other 5 you made for me.  I think this will get me set for awhile.
Thank you so much,

Hi! I got the bottles a few days ago, and my birds were using them within an hour! They are very well made and don't leak like the old ones did (I was using the bottles with the little ball in the tip). Thank you so much for getting them to me so quickly! :) I am sure they will make my long trip better, since I won't have to worry about their bottles leaking. :) Thanks again! [ Jen S.]

Hello Robert!
The nest boxes arrived today in perfect shape and we couldn't be happier with them.  I must commend you on your fine craftsmanship in creating ideal homes for our feathered friends.  Those boxes certainly seem capable of withstanding almost anything.  My sons were impressed at how well they were constructe
Thank you for the marvelous professional services you provided and for the terrific nest boxes.  I'm certain the birds will feel much more comfortable sitting in those boxes instead of the things they are residing in now.
I'll keep in touch and will definitely refer my friends to you!  Take care and once again, thank you for the flawless job in customizing the nest boxes to perfection!
Fond regards,
Charlene K

I wanted to let you know we received our order today.  Thanks again for the wonderful service.
Theresa M

Just wanted to let you know that the nest boxes got here on schedule in perfect condition. I really like them and look forward to doing business
with you in the future.  Thanks...Jolene N.

I just wanted to drop a note to tell you how pleased I am with the Bird Butler.  The cockatiels took to it immediately, and the parakeets followed suit with a bit of prompting. Try as they might, they cannot get that waterdirty.  I wish I had known about these from the very beginning...I've been de-mucking their water dishes for five years!  The expense is entirely justified and I would recommend the Bird Butler to anyone.
Thanks,  Amorette

The nestboxes arrived today and we are absolutely thrilled with them. The "kids" are, too....lolol  We put them beside the cages so the rosellas and Indian ringnecks could get used to seeing them, but they are actually trying to enter the boxes through the cage bars.
Thanks again, the nextboxes are beautiful!
Jan H.

Hi,  I have to tell you,  I just LOVE the Bird Butlers!!!!!  They are so awesome and are saving me so much time. They are very easy to wash and re-fill also.  I just put one on with my baby CAG who is 3 months old.  I figured I would start her off right away instead of using the bowls.  She went to it right away and drank away.  She loved it.  All my birds have converted very easily within one day except my Macaw and she started to use it on the 2nd day.  I have cockatiels and parakeets also and I will eventually be ordering ones for them.  I have also told one of my friends about them and she is probably going to order some too.  I have a lot of contact with people who have birds and I will be spreading the good word on these.
Thanks so much,
Becki in Bothell, Washington

Hello Robert,
Received my order yesterday.  VERY pleased with it.  Will recommend you to other breeders.  Thanks, Frank

My name is Suzie [xxxxx] and I bought a Bird Butler a week ago or so.  I let my Pionus settle in for a week before putting the Bird Butler to work.  By the second day she was working the [valve] like a pro. This my second Butler and they are great!  You may post this on your website if you wish. 
Thanks again for such a great product.
Suzie in Bend, OR

Hi Robert,
I received the apartment box and the heavy boot box this afternoon.  They're beautiful!  I hung them right away and my greys were in them within ten minutes!  I guess they also thought the boxes were just right.
Thank you so much.
Louisa in New York

I just wanted to let you know that we received our Bird Butler for our 1 year old Vos Maeri Eclectus last week and it has been the most wonderful thing we have ever purchased for him!  We were having to change his water at least twice a day.  (He was really into putting his food into his water bowls.)  He took to the Bird Butler just as soon as we put it in his cage!  It is so nice not having to clean "bacteria soup" out of his bowls anymore.  We were a little hesitant about the price at first, but after seeing how wonderful this product has been, we would have paid twice as much.  We have recommended the Bird Butler to all of our bird friends as we think this is something that every bird should never have to be without.  Thanks for such a great product.
Jennifer, Nelson & Verdell (The Verdie Birdie)

Well what a pleasant surprise.  I'm very impressed with the quality of the nest boxes.  These are the best quality wooden boxes I've seen. Worth every penny.  I hung all three boxes .  They are all interested and the Male Senegal walked right in like he came home for the holidays.  Ralph Polinski

I just wanted to tell you what a GREAT watering system I think the Bird Butler is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I put it on the flight of a colony of 6 of Quakers, and at the end of the first day it was 3 for 3 when I put their water bowl in.  But today, the second day, none of them drank from it when I put it in, but they all took a bath!  It's not so much the saving of the time that matters to me but being able to go away and not worry about their water!
Again, I just wanted to let you know how truly great your product is.  The Bird Butler is one of the best products to hit the bird market in a long time!    
Diane - D.J.'s Royal Feathers

Hi Robert,
I received the nest boxes yesterday.  I am truly impressed at the quality of workmanship!  And also customer service!  Your company have been already referred to a bird-breeder friend of mine.
Will talk soon. Sincerely, Seema

Thank you so much for your prompt service!  The boxes are great!!!!  The best I have seen in a while.  I will be sure to tell people where to go for their nest box needs.  Thanks again, Rachel - Circle H Critters - 

Hello,   I recently purchased 3 Bird Butlers from you, and all my birds love them and took to them right away.  They even figured out how to wet their pellets....LOL    Robin in Kansas and  Joker, Cobbler, and Stormi

Thanks for the nest box order.  [They] arrived in good timely manner  and [I] am very happy with them.   You will hear from me again as a satisfied customer .   
MaryJane -  MJ'S Aviary

I love the bottles and my birds do to!
Thanks  Dianna S.

Thank you for fast shipping! I think they arrived around 10 am. today---pretty fast! I am impressed with this water bottle--great idea with pop the top to add water verses other products you must pull off the entire bottle every time to fill.  They really look tuff too and just thought I would let you know they far surpassed my expectation.