The "Apartment" nest box

The male sits on his own little platform and will feed the hen through the interior entrance hole.  She usually stays in the box for most of the incubation period. 

Approximate inside dimensions:

Large - 20.5" tall x 16" wide x  9.5" deep

Small - 16" tall x 13" wide x 10" deep

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This nest box is the one we recommend the most.  We have personally used it to breed the following with great success:
  • Greys - both Timneh and African
  • Amazons - Double-yellow-head and Blue-fronts
  • Pionus - Blue-headed, White-capped, and Bronze-wing
  • Ringneck parakeets
  • Conures - Sun, Jenday, and Nanday
  • Alexandrines and Plumheads
  • Quakers
  • Jardines

You will find that the nesting blocks are a great addition to this nest box.   nesting blocks information

If you could only choose one box, this should be it!

This is a view of the Large Apartment nest box from the rear of the box.  The back has been removed to show the interior of the box.



This is the front view of the finished product minus the inspection door.  Order with the entrance hole in the top right or top left corner.  The inspection door will be on the same side as the entrance hole.    

(Right mount shown)


This is a side view showing the inspection entrance.  The door is added after the box is completely built and is designed to seal out all light.  The door fits flush onto the inspection entrance.



This is the same box at an angle from the back with the back removed.  Notice the shelf that the parrot sits on with the interior entrance hole. (darkened for better view)  The inspection door is the bottom hole.  The box has the best features of a Z box and a boot box all in one.